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FYI Private Investigators Inc. has over 25 years of experience investigating insurance-related fraud, both in the Property & Casualty sector, and in the Life, Health & Disability sector.

Each case is handled, from inception to completion, with potential litigation in mind. Uncovering, documenting, preserving and interpreting evidence is what our Investigators are trained to do and we will gladly stand as a witness in any insurance case.

We respect the parameters as set forth for each case, and work within them. Every measure is taken to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

Updates are provided on a regular basis and, at the conclusion of any investigation, a formal, comprehensive written report is provided, along with any acquired video and picture documentation.

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Background Checks for Insurance Claims

Ensure the validity of insurance claims with FYI Private Investigators comprehensive Background Checks. We delve into claimants' backgrounds, verifying identities, assessing financial standings, Criminal Backgrounds, and identifying potential red flags. Our background checks provide insurance companies with a comprehensive understanding of claimants, aiding in risk assessment and informed decision-making processes.

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