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Personal Investigations

Embark on a journey of personal discovery with FYI Private Investigators. We specialized in Personal Investigations. Our dedicated team of discreet surveillance investigators are synonymous with integrity and professionalism and are committed to assisting individuals in addressing personal matters. Call or Text (905) 929-8736 for an immediate response! Conveniently located in London Ontario.


FYI Private Investigators have conducted thousands of Personal Investigations throughout Ontario and we are headquartered in London.

The goal of Cheating Spouse Investigations is to provide the concerned partner with picture and video documentation as evidence of infidelity or an extramarital affair, allowing them piece of mind to make informed decisions about their relationship and future.

If you think your spouse is cheating on you, or possibly spending time with someone else, then you may need to acquire our discreet Private surveillance services and get fast accurate results. We also conduct cohabitation investigations and lifestyle audits.

All information, evidence, video documentation and pictures collected during the course of the investigation will be provided to you and can be utilized for any future court purposes as we are a Government licensed Private Investigation agency.

Infidelity is likely the most painful and devastating thing that can happen to a man or a woman.  It is always in your best interest to contact FYIPI and get the evidence that you need.

Surveillance is the most common form of private investigations. FYI Private Investigators has successfully conducted thousands of discreet infidelity surveillance investigations over the years.


We regularly conduct discreet Vacation Surveillance to keep track of spouses, family members and friends as they depart from Canada to either enjoy a weeklong vacation on a hot Caribbean Island with family members or friends, or even an overnight business trip. We provide our customers with live minute to minute updates that include video and pictures documentation of the subject.

Custody and Access Investigations

You may need the services of FYI Private Investigators if you are involved in a custody and access dispute for several reasons regarding Personal Investigations.
One common reason is to gather evidence that may support one parent's case for Custody or Access. This may involve conducting surveillance to document the other parent's behavior, such as drug or alcohol use, neglect, or other activities that may be harmful to the child.
You may also need our services to locate a parent who has taken a child without permission or who is not complying with a custody or access order. This can be particularly important in cases where there are concerns about the safety and welfare of the child.

Spousal Support Investigation

Do you believe that you are unfairly paying Alimony to an ex husband or wife that is living or Cohabitating with someone else in Ontario Canada?
A Cohabitation Investigation is typically initiated in cases where there is a court order for spousal support or alimony and the paying spouse suspects that the receiving spouse is cohabiting with another person.
FYI Private Investigators will gather evidence that may be used in court to show that the receiving spouse no longer needs or deserves spousal support because they are currently receiving financial support from their new partner.
BACKGROUND SEARCHES can be conducted on any individual as needed. There is nothing we can't find!

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